Sex for the First Time: Secrets about Losing Your Virginity

When someone is planning to have sex for the first time, then their excitement may be overpowering, but at the same time, it’s effortless to let anxiety take over them too. Most people get afraid when they lose their virginity. If you also plan to lose your virginity, you should know about virginity and sex to make your first experience enjoyable. Well, we’re here to tell you there isn’t a right or wrong way to have sex for the first time. So if you want to know about the secrets of losing your virginity, read this post until the end. 

What is Virginity?

The real meaning of a virgin is never having sex before. If someone is new to sexual lingo and has never had sex, she will consider a virgin. Culturally and religiously, virginity is considered essential for the personal purity of an unmarried woman.

Almost everyone dreams of losing their virginity with their partner and making that moment memorable. If you also want to lose your virginity but don’t have much idea about sex and sexual intercourse, then follow the steps given below to make your first time pleasurable.

How to have sex for the first time and enjoy it?

Do it with someone you love

If it is your first time and you want to make it enjoyable, you should do it with someone you love. If you lose your virginity to a loved one, it will become more memorable. 

Plan it beforehand

If you want to make it memorable, plan it with candles and music to set the mood. You can schedule a romantic dinner date with your partner to feel the magic of that moment and get more open to your partner.

Don’t be drunk.

Most people think that getting drunk will help them to achieve more confidence about having sex for the first time, but it’s a myth. If you want to enjoy your first-time sex with your partner, then skip the drinking. 

Have a Conversation

When you both are getting ready for sex, it is best to have a conversation about your sexual history, need, and fantasies. It will help you to know each other perfectly and add more confidence on the bed. 

Take safety measures before having sex

When it is your first time, don’t forget to take safety measures before sex. Use the best quality condom every time your penetration to feel protected from sexually transmitted diseases. If you are a lady, you can take a pill to stay protected from unwanted pregnancy. 

Don’t use porn as a teaching tool.

Many people think porn is the best tool to teach about sexual intercourse, but it’s all myth. If you use porn videos as teaching, too, then it will make your partner selfish or misguide them. So don’t use porn as a teaching tool when it is your first time.

Foreplay is a must.

When it is your first time, and you are ready to do the big deed with your partner, then don’t rush to penetrate and start with foreplay like kissing, heavy petting, dry humping, touching one another’s genitals, oral sex, and get ready for the big one. 

Use your fingers

You can use your fingers before penetrating to play with the girl down there for the first time. If you use your finger in her genital part, then it will help them to get lubricated and ready for penetration. 

Have Sex in The Comfortable Position

If you will lose your virginity, try the missionary position to make it easier. In this position, both of you can control the movements of each other, which will help you to have fun without any issues.


So, guys, these are such secrets about losing your virginity. Obey all these steps to make your first-time sex pleasurable and memorable. Moreover, if you want to lose your virginity with an expert and experienced partner, book a Virgin Kochi escort who will make your first-time sex extremely pleasurable. 

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