Kochi Independent Escort Service by Avya Basu

Avya Basu is best known to erase the feeling of loneliness from your life. If you are in Kochi and looking for a Kochi escorts to spend quality time with, then Avya Basu is the best person you should contact.

Kochi Escort service by Avya Basu has everything you can dream of. She has the best beauty with the perfect figure, an impressive personality, and an eye-catching aura. You will not be able to keep your eyes away from them for a long time once you see them. And being with them is as easy as thinking to be with them. You can choose the most attractive Kochi call girl you like and book her, either in advance or in the instant. Instant booking will depend on the availability of the Kochi escort you like. So if you have a pre-planned trip, then it is best to book the Kochi call girl of your choice in advance to not to ruin your mood later.

Kochi call girls service by Avya Basu is the best escort service in Kochi with the best customer satisfaction rate. They satisfy their clients to an extent that the clients always prefer to return to them. Girls with Avya Basu are smart, talented, beautiful, sexy, sensual, and have a great attitude towards life and fun. They are well-versed in the act of making the man happy in bed. They have a variety of moves under their sleeves to make the man fall for them.

You can book the Kochi escort girls for different reasons/occasions. It could be a short time meeting, one-night stand, partner in parties, business meetings, or trips. Tell us what you wish and we will make it happen. Don’t worry about our prices. Our prices vary concerning your need and the choice of escort. And our services are worth the price we charge.

Smooth booking and quick response

Booking a Kochi call girl from Kochi escort agency is a smooth ride. You are already on our website. Now you go to our gallery and look at the pictures of the call girls we have in our gallery. Select the escort of your choice. Contact her, talk to her, and see if she is the right choice for you. Once everything is settled, you book her and share your address and the time of the meeting. She will be there without any delay. It is as simple as that. You don’t even have to worry about reviling your identity. We respect your privacy and we make sure not to poke into your private life or identity. All we expect is to have a good relationship with you. nothing else matters to us.

If you are planning to come to Kochi escort and meeting an escort is on your list of activities, then you can book our Kochi call girl in advance. And if you are already in Kochi and looking for quick fun, then you can simply call us and we will introduce you to one of our available call girls. We have a long list of escorts connected with us, who are in this business willingly and they love to have sex with new people. You can check out our customer feedback section to know about our services.

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Don’t turn your Entertainment into a nightmare

There are many escort service providers in Kochi, but no one has what we have. Because of the internet, people find it easy to book Kochi escorts online. But it has also given rise to frauds who rob people of their money in the name of Kochi escort services. There are also Kochi escort service agencies, that show fake pictures on their websites to impress a client but then send some mediocre escort to the client. If this happens to you then such an act will not just make you lose money but will also ruin your mood. You might even never dare to book any escort in the future because of such a bad experience.

If you do not want to turn your entertainment into a nightmare, then you must look for a reliable Kochi escort service providing agency that will come true to its word. And after reading our feedback section, you will realize that there is no one better and more reliable than us in Kochi.

You can visit our gallery to check out the Kochi call girls. You can text our call girls or talk to them before you meet them. Our girls are unique, sexy, passionate about sex, and friendly. You will love to spend time with them and you will have an amazing memory with you for a long time. Our girls are already the favorites of many of our clients.


Call girls Service in Kochi near me

How would you feel to imagine a beautiful young Kochi escort in bed with you? How will it make you feel to think she is close to you, holding you tight in her arms? How would it feel to know she is all yours to love? Wouldn’t it make you shiver with excitement just by thinking that you can have someone like her in bed with you and you can enjoy a beautiful night with her? you can love her and love her the way you wish. You can enjoy her presence around your lips. You can touch her beautiful body and explore her body parts. And you can feel her in different positions.

I know it feels amazing just thinking about it. But if you wish, you can turn it into a reality. It’s easy. All you have to do is to call us and we will send the Kochi call girl of your choice to spend a perfect night with.

Different sex positions you can enjoy with Kochi Escorts

  1. Missionary Sex Position

This is the most preferred sex position in couples. In this position, the Kochi call girl lay straight on the bed with her chest up. A man lay on the girl touching her complete body from her ankles to her lips. Then the man goes inside her and gives a push in the same position.

A perk of this position is, the man can hug and kiss the Kochi escort while having sex.


  1. Lotus Position:

This is one of the best positions for couples. In the missionary position, though, the man can kiss and hug the girl while having sex, but penetration in this position is a little difficult. Also, a man cannot insert his penis completely inside the girl in this position.

But things change in the lotus position. In this position, the girl lay on the bed with her chest up. But instead of keeping her legs straight, she spreads her legs and lifts them. This way, the man can get between her legs and insert his penis completely inside her.

Also, the man can choose to either push his penis inside her in a sitting position while balancing himself with his hands on either side of the girl. Or he can choose to lay on the Kochi call girl to kiss and hug her while having sex.

This is the most loved position by couples.


  1. Doggy Style:

You can say that this is the third most preferred position for sex. In this position, the Kochi escort gets into a position like a doggy with her hands and knees. Then the man stands behind the girl on his knees. Then he penetrates the girl from behind.

In this position, the man can have a good grip on the girl by holding her waist. This helps him with hard and deep penetration. He also gets to slap the girl’s ass while having sex or he can choose to press the girl’s breasts while having sex.

The Kochi call girl also likes this position because of the deep and hard penetration. Also, she feels thrust on her ass with every shot which arouses her more.

This position is mainly preferred by couples who love wild, rough, or kinky sex.


  1. Cowgirl

In this position, the Kochi escort takes the charge. She lays on the man and seduces him. She stays on him, kisses him, hugs him, and moves her waist to get his penis inside her.

In this position, the girl gets to take charge. She gets to decide the level of penetration, hardness/smoothness, and roughness of the sex. She also gets to decide the pace and duration of sex. For a man, this position is helpful because he can take some time to relax. Because of this, the man can stay in the game for a long time.


  1. Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the Kochi call girl takes charge just like the cowgirl position. But instead of laying on the man, she sits on the man and moves her waist to his penis.

It is just like a girl riding a bull.

In this position, the Kochi escort gets to have the maximum penetration. She can go hard to feel the epitome of excitement. The man can either hold the girl’s waist or breasts to support and excite her more. This position helps the girl to get maximum excitement and it helps to man to relax for a bit and stay longer in the game.


  1. Spooning Sex

Spooning is called lazy people’s sex. But it does have a way to make couples happy with less effort. Spooning sex needs the least energy and since, in spooning sex, the bodies of the man and the girl are touched from head to toe, it gives an extra sensation to those who like physical touch.

In spooning sex, the girl and the man lay on the bed. The man lay behind the girl and hug her from behind. Then he slowly arouses her by hugging her and moving his hand on her body.

And then, the man penetrates the girl in the same position from behind. The man can feel the shape of the girl’s ass while pushing his penis inside her. That extra cover of softness makes him feel good.


  1. Oral Sex

Oral Sex is best known to add stimulation to sex. To arouse the man and the girl to the maximum limit before intercourse. Sometimes, one of the partners prefers to relieve themselves with oral sex.

If the girl wants oral sex, then she lay on the bed with her legs spread and folded from her knees. And the man puts his tongue on her clitoris. After that, he plays with her clitoris with his tongue.

If the man wants oral sex, then the girl sucks his penis.

  1. Position 69

Sometimes the Kochi escort and the man, both want to enjoy oral sex at the same time. At such a time, 69 is the position they use. In this position, the man lay on the bed with his chest up. Then the girl lay on the man with her chest down and her head towards the man’s hips. That way, the girl can suck the man’s penis and the man can suck the girl’s clitoris at the same time.


Mentioned above are a few positions for your reference. But the world doesn’t end here. You can try anything new if you have it in mind. Our call girl will be ready to satisfy you in every way she can.


Fun with Kochi escort service

If you want to have fun with a Kochi call girl who makes you the most satisfying man, then look for the charming and beautiful Kochi escorts by Avya Basu. They are the girls who would cheer you up, make you smile wholeheartedly, and make your night wonderful. Kochi escorts by Avya Basu are the best companions to have on your trip to Kochi. They are smart, easy to talk to, good listeners, and happy souls to make you happy with them and give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

Beauties of Kochi call girls by Avya Basu

Kochi is a beautiful city in Kerala. It sits at the foot of heavy sandstone and offers magnificent views of beautiful countryside and dense trees, making it a destination for holidaymakers or vacationers. Visiting here is a romantic experience.

What adds more to the beauty of Kochi are the beauties of Kochi Independent escort service by Avya Basu. Kochi escorts can participate in any event – like dinner dates, social events, private parties, city nightlife, or just a wild sex drive – with you. If you are looking for an exciting, fun, and memorable time in Kochi, then meeting Kochi escorts should be on your list. Meet our Kochi escorts and spend a perfect evening with them that you will cherish for a long time.

Get a partner that adds value to you

As we said before, the Kochi call girls we have are from different backgrounds. Some of them are college-going students and have good educational backgrounds. They are well-mannered, smart, intelligent Kochi escorts who love to enjoy sex. Whether at clubs, bars, a get-together with friends, celebrity events, or big business meetings, they are great partners to go with.

Kochi escorts have good soft skills and an understanding of technical knowledge. They are good icebreakers and know how to keep the conversation going. They know how to present themselves and how to introduce their partner to the new and prospective men of the business parties. Their presence will add value to you and help you improve your contacts. Your partner will make sure to attract people’s attention toward you in a positive way.

Want to live your sex fantasy? Call Kochi escort service by Avya Basu

You have a sex fantasy but you don’t have a girlfriend to fulfill it? Or if you have a girlfriend but your girlfriend doesn’t want to fulfill your sex fantasy because she is not comfortable with it? No problem. We have a solution if you want to fulfill your sex fantasy. Contact us, let us know what you wish, and we will introduce you to the Kochi escort who would love to live your fantasy with you.

We have many charming Kochi call girls who love to explore sex in different ways. Who are interested in trying new things in sex and love to live sex fantasies. These girls will not only live your fantasy with you but will also enjoy it as much as you do.

Want to be better at sex? Try our Kochi Independent Escorts

If you think you are not as good in bed as you think. Or if you think you can’t satisfy your girlfriend in bed. Or if you feel you are too shy in bed then contact us.

Our Kochi call girls are experienced and professional. Spending time with them will help you learn a lot of things about making your partner happy in bed. Our Kochi escorts will teach you some good moves, give you some exciting ideas and let you practice your skills on them. They will tell you how should it be done to make a girl shiver with excitement. They will soon make you so good that your girlfriend will be amazed by your performance.

We have a wide range of girls available for you to choose from. We have different ethnicities, varied age ranges, body types, hair colors, and backgrounds.


Get away from your frustration with Kochi Independent Escorts

Today, we all have a difficult and competitive lifestyle. Every day, we work under pressure for better results and growth prospects. We avoid taking leaves. We strive to be better and the pressure of performing better is always on our shoulders. Sometimes we feel exhausted from the life we are living but there is no alternative to this. We have to keep working hard to earn bread and butter for our family.

We can’t change our job or the desire to earn. But we sure can take a small break whenever possible and release our stress and exhaustion. We, at Kochi independent escorts, have a solution for you.

All you have to do is visit our gallery and choose a Kochi escort you like. She will be there for you. she will listen to everything you want to share with her. She will make you smile. She will offer a sensual and erotic massage to you. She will remove your loneliness and entertain you the way you like. She will do everything possible to satisfy you and make you love life.

You would love to be touched and loved by them. Our Kochi call girls are one of the attractions of Kochi. Their presence around you will definitely cheer you up. You can go on sightseeing with her, take her on a trip, enjoy an evening with her, share your feelings with her and have satisfactory and wild sex with her. She will be there to cater to all your needs with all her heart and she will put effort to make you happy.

Book Kochi escorts to enjoy the best times in life and see how wonderful life can be with the right partner.

Unorthodox sex with Independent Escorts in Kochi

Some men like to have unorthodox sex. This means they like to enjoy sex differently. Like, few men may like submissive sex where they either like to submit to the girl they are having sex with or want the girl to submit to them completely. Some men like role play while having sex and want the girl to hold onto her character till the end of the sex. Some men may like to have rough sex, including toys and all. And some might like to have anal sex instead of vaginal sex.

There are many ways to have sex and enjoy it. If you like to do it in an unorthodox way but can’t find a partner who would agree to it. Or if you have a partner but she is not ready to try your way out. Then don’t worry. Contact us. We, at Avya Basu, have many Kochi independent escorts who are interested in such type of sex. You can meet one of them and have a wild time with them.

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