5 Secret Sex Position Female like to Most

Are you getting tired of regular sex positions and want to do some experiments during your sexual intercourse with the most pleasurable secret sex positions? If yes! Then this post is for you. Today, this post will discuss the top 5 confidential sex positions females like to do most during sexual intercourse. 

If you want to make your partner hornier and completely satisfied on the bed, then you should know about these sex positions and try them with your partner. So if you want to know about these five secret sex positions, read this post until the end. 

5 Secret Sex Position: Every Man Must Know


Cowgirl, or woman in the top sex position, is the most preferred position by females to get fast orgasms with unlimited pleasure. Sex therapists highly recommend this position that puts the focus on female satisfaction. It is a classic position that allows females to control their motion and speed so they can experience sex just the way they like it. 

How to get into the position:

  1. Let your partner lie down flat on the bed.
  2. Now you have to climb on top of your partner and straddle them.
  3. Then, place your partner’s penis or strap-on inside of you. 

The coital-alignment technique (CAT)

CAT, or the coital-alignment technique, is another preferred sex position by females to achive multiple orgasms. This position is a subtle variation of the standard missionary position and is highly recommended by sex therapists to stisfy any female on the bed. 

How to get into the position:

  1. To get this position, the female has to lie on the bed with a pillow under her butt to make her hips angled upwards. 
  2. Then the male partner has to get on top of the female so that the base of their penis will touch the clitoris easily during the penetration.


The spooning sex position is another best position for females that helps them to achive multiple orgasms during intercourse. This position allows the hand of the male partner to access the female’s clitoris directly, which leads to multiple orgasms for the females. 

How to get into the position:

  1. To get in this position, males and females must lie down on their sides so the male partner can spoon the female partner.
  2. The male partner needs to adjust their positioning so that it can easily penetrate.

Doggy style

Doggy style is a standard and highly recommended sex position for G-spot stimulation. With this position, the male partner can easily access the G-spot of females, which will help to get a G-spot orgasm during sexual intercourse. 

How to get into the position:

  1. In this position, the female partner has to get in the sex position like a dog.
  2. And the male partner kneels behind the female and enters with their penis or strap-on. 

Inverted wheelbarrow

Regarding the best sex positions for female satisfaction, the Invered wheelbarrow comes at the top list as it allows females to get a little more creative and acrobatic while they try to reach orgasm.

How to get into the position:

  1. Lie down on your back
  2. Your partner penetrates you while you lift your feet onto their shoulders or around their neck.


So, friends, these are the top 5 secret sex positions highly recommended by sex therapists to stisfy any female on the bed. If you want to satisfy your female partner ultimately, you can try them during intercourse. If your partner doesn’t allow you to experiment with them, you can hire a Kochi Escort to experience ultimate sexual pleasure. 

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